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The Filum Show

Featuring movie reviews, movie news and interviews with Hollywood stars, The Filum Show stars Mike Sheridan, Dee Molumby and Brian Lloyd from

Apr 25, 2018

On this week's show, the gang (sans Mike, who's off on holidays - or is he?) talk Irish drama The Delinquent Season, uber-blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War as well as interviewing its directors, Joe & Anthony Russo, and Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. Not only that, noir L.A. Confidential gets revisited...

Apr 19, 2018

On this week's show, the gang discuss the film that'll likely go down in history as one of the worst names yet imagined - The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Society - and Irish zombie post-apocalypse thriller The Cured, whilst Stephen King's Misery is up for the revisit.

Apr 11, 2018

On this week's show, the gang talk about Dwayne Johnson's latest blockbuster Rampage, Irish musical documentary Making The Grade, and Blumhouse horror Truth Or Dare, and revisit When Harry Met Sally as suggested by listeners!

Apr 6, 2018

As a special treat, we've got a bonus episode this week with the director of The Hurricane Heist, Rob Cohen, who talked to Dee about stunts, CGI stunts, casting and lots more.

Apr 5, 2018

On this week's show, the gang talk acclaimed Irish drama Michael Inside and A Quiet Place, we have an in-depth interview with Frank Berry about working with Pathways Ireland on Michael Inside, and we revisit Wes Craven's Scream.